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[radical] circular economy and innovation are the drivers of your sustainable success


Séréus is a consulting firm that provides advice and support on circular economy and innovation.


Séréus’ mission is to walk companies to a transformation that will make them more profitable, robust and resilient in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.


Séréus differentiates itself by a voluntarily and ambitiously radical approach because the times of incremental improvement, which proves to be too slow and insufficiently effective, is over. A path seems inevitable to us, it is that of transformation.

à propos.

circular economy.

The circular economy is a positive development approach that preserves and develops natural capital, optimizes resource returns and minimizes systemic risks through the management of stocks and resource flows.


The circular economy is an economic paradigm that strengthens the performance of companies while integrating solutions and collateral benefits on the environment, health and society.  

To achieve this, it is necessary to start at the beginning — the design — and to rely heavily on innovation...

The circular economy and the innovation it requires serve the durability and profitability of your company.

This is why they must truly be at the heart of your strategy.

économie circulaire.
Structure en bois


How do you deal with the challenges ahead? How do you manage the business risks associated with the costs and dependence to resources, the impact on climate, the environment and human health, etc.? How can we integrate changing consumer expectations? 

How to seize the opportunities to reduce costs and to improve profitability? To exploit new business models? To establish a privileged relationship with your customers? To develop a positive brand image?

We help you find your way in the maze of a fuzzy future and detect and create new opportunities for your company. ​

they are trusting us.

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To illustrate the fundamentals of the circular economy, we have chosen to present a few examples of approaches adopted by a selection of companies. We describe them and we comment on them to allow you to draw the most useful lessons.



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